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and be free
one petal of
a white magnolia
rebels and comes
loose from its flower,
drifts down slowly
to kiss the water,
sails down the stream
without a care.
     "hold my hand
      as we stroll along,
      will you?"
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the dance of the lillies
Cool spring nights in your eyes
The soul of the riverbed weeping past our feet
A willow tree watching patiently, wisely over us
The warm flicker of the fireflies dancing in the taller grasses
Humid air enveloping our bodies
Your cool smile, like the breath of dandelions between our toes
I remember your hands in my hair, the bend of your arm around me like a gate
Reach upwards
Touch the stars, cradle the moon
This is where my dreams are
This is where I feel your heart
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hello again.
shy, awkward smiles
mask secrets
embedded in
impossibly shattered eyes.
shy, awkward hands
tenderly cradle
slim, scarred shoulders
through a tshirt
fragrant with soap.
shy, awkward hearts
tremble with a rush of
pungent memories.
if you delved more deeply,
you'd find
two shivering newborn children
over stimulated, overwhelmed;
a mother
ignoring her child;
two pairs of
clammy hands
that fit like
puzzle pieces
in one another;
four seasons
of love;
several figures
sprawled in the dandelions
saying goodbyes;
a dress like the sea
and dark hair
like the night sky;
a desperate phone call
to save a life;
years gone by;
tears in
a paper-thin relationship
that can't be
taped back together.
shy, awkward smiles
hold back floodgates
of memories
you are a part of me. i will never forget
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Today, I drowned.
Today, I drowned.
I had been painting that delicate smile you used to show to the world,
wildflowers bleeding into oceans into sunset skies.
My breath caught in my throat and I wondered where you were.
I wondered what you were dreaming about.
me? (what do you think of me?
what do I think of me?
no, I wouldn't dream of me, either.)
I'm kind of selfish. I know there's no such thing as perfect.
But I also know that you are the closest thing in the world, and
if I had a chance again, you'd still be here.
I heard your voice, and I leaned into it.
I turned around, and you were there
The oceans lul to our rhythm and
trees sway in the breeze.
Today, I drowned in your grasp.
I promise. (empty words.)
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skin peeling back, revealing taught violin strings
bruised, bruised skin, like finger-smeared butterfly wings,
accordion lungs constricted and
soul an empty riverbed.
/sometimes, I
used to think you were delirious/
everytime you move,
your feet padding on the floor
(ticking, disaster.
I await the moment you explode)
fingers resting on the piano
(hair laying down your back, smooth, delicate, twisted, knotted)
/but then I realized how I saw you/
I asked you a question, never registering in my mind
sounding like silence, and
you turned, looked at me bewildered
(foul, hopeless, rotting)
lying on the carpet,
reading your book
the one with too much
nonsensical meaning
(you're crying, why are there tearstearstears)
tossed on pristine sheets, whitewhitewhite. why do I see you
(ribs protruding, dying, dying away, black blood)
/this is never ending
(your ghost) is everywhere/
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blossoms. by catgirrl246 blossoms. :iconcatgirrl246:catgirrl246 2 8
Mature content
sometimes I forget to breathe :iconcatgirrl246:catgirrl246 2 7
Kissing you. -:repost:-
kissing you is like speeding up, like running.
are you scared?
keep moving, don't want to get caught.
people are cruel, you'll be dead in a second if you slow down.
I grab your hand and pull you up over the gate.
you stumble, but I keep you up.
at the top, we jump.
kissing you is like freefalling.
I start to scream on the way down,
and I know it is love when you scream louder.
and even though I twist my ankle a little bit at the bottom,
I laugh because my logic is still hanging in the air above us
about to splatter down to the ground like thick raindrops.
kissing you is like looking at life like we're gonna die tomorrow,
like living in hyperspeed.
but kissing you is also like slowing down.
like breathing you in, like dancing to a slow song,
like riding on the ferris wheel and having it stop at the very top.
like taking our time cause we know we've got all the time in the world.
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Love forever. -:repost:-
I come up gasping for air,
your breath is warm against my lips.
The cicadas are singing outside
our open window (I take pride
in saying our) like your pretty
little voice humming under your
breath, like the way it feels
to have your hand curled against
the bare small of my back.
You kiss me again, lingering and
pulling away before you lay
your head on my chest.
My heart races for you.
Your fingers move softly just
below my ribs, down over
my torso, up my spine,
finally resting at my neck
just below the hairs there.
The candles on our bedside
table are cheesy, but so you that
I couldn't mind a bit. The
clock ticks next to the
candles and I reach over
to take out the batteries.
I'd like to keep thinking we
have all the time in the world,
before you get up to follow your
hectic schedule. As you reach
over to blow out the candles,
I dabble into love and life and
perfect and forever. And as
you squint through the moonlight
without your glasses, I think
you look so beautiful and
tired, but s
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Daisuki da yo. -:repost:- by catgirrl246 Daisuki da yo. -:repost:- :iconcatgirrl246:catgirrl246 0 2
Sleepless nights.
An insomniac, I know you spend your sleepless nights bleeding over the fact that you can't breathe.
Your fingernails sew themselves to your palms.
You're so confusing, but you're more confused-- howcome you can't figure out why it happens this way?
And your teeth are clicking out a rhythm no one understands, your eyes are squinting from the brightness that isn't there.
Is the fire licking at the lush forests of your mind?
You and I both know that your hands are itching to turn down the heat, but no one can.
The wind is beating passionately at your window, and a train wails in the distance. You toss and turn.
As an insomniac, I wish you'd spend your sleepless nights thinking of me, as I do you.
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You used to be you.
      You used to say how you wished you could pull the stars out of the sky and keep them close to your heart. Now you say you have them, and would I like a few?
      You used to say, when you held my hand and played with my fingers, how one day, we'd get away from it all, just you and me. Now, you don't remember those old dreams of yours. Now you talk about how in the distance you can sometimes see angels with wings spread, you can see past their cracked ribs into their hearts, and you want to be one of them.
      Your eyes used to be soul-deep, whenever you looked at me. Now they are simply shallow, reflective pools.
      You used to pick me flowers and smile behind eyes squinting against the sun, and I would tell you how I wasn't a girl, but put them behind my ear anyway. You'd laugh. Now, you step onto flowers and comment on how warm the sun is today, still sq
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Squirrel. by catgirrl246 Squirrel. :iconcatgirrl246:catgirrl246 2 19
It's okay.
I remember, my mother always said the weirdest things. One time, she was trying to teach me to ride a bike. Of course, it was difficult at first, and I fell off of the bike and skinned my knee. All I remember is my mother, catching up to me on her runner's legs, as she skidded to a halt and knelt down. I was completely calm, and yet she would not stop a continued chant of "You're okay, you're okay," as she picked me up, my knees dangling over her one arm, back against the other. After that, she carried me into the house and bandaged my knee. But that's not the point of this story.
My father died. I remember this well also. Since I was two, my mother, father and I, an only child, lived in a secluded area [secluded except for a few businesses.] In our front yard, which was large, we had a small swingset.
I got off of the bus after school one afternoon. I was in sixth or seventh grade, if I remember correctly. My mother was sitting on the swingset, her medium blond hair blowing ever
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Oh, time for the snack. by catgirrl246 Oh, time for the snack. :iconcatgirrl246:catgirrl246 3 4
Mature content
You'll be mine, dolly :iconcatgirrl246:catgirrl246 1 15




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This account is soooo old, but I'm too attached to really leave this place, this old account, and all these memories. Forever embarrassed about the un though. You know how it goes. No purpose in making a new one now.


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